Germany’s 1&1 said that it will miss its interim target of building 1,000 antennae this year for its new 5G network because of delayed equipment supplies from an unnamed partner. The interim target is a requirement set by the Federal Network Agency in the licences to use radio frequencies. 

The company is missing the target because its largest partner in terms of volume, which was contracted to deliver approximately two-thirds of the 1,000 antenna sites by the end of 2022, recently reported problems in meeting its commitments on time. While the companies worked on measures to speed up the deliveries, it’s not expected to meet the target now until mid-2023, 1&1 said in a statement. 1&1’s other two partners will deliver the radio equipment on time. 

The delay will not impact the launch of the network, according to the company. 1&1 plans to start providing 5G home broadband services on the network from December and launch mobile services for customers next summer. The long-term target is to supply 50 percent of all households with 5G before the end of 2030.

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