Vanuatu ISP 3 Link and regional telecommunications service provider Wave have announced a partnership to introduce affordable 5G broadband services across the nation in 2024, the Vanuatu Daily Post reports. Link, which has been using Kacific broadband satellite technology to provide connectivity to the island group’s two municipalities and rural areas since 2020, will leverage Wave’s technology architecture and expertise to provide high performance connectivity through standard 5G and Wi-Fi routers.

Millie Ogden, founder of 3 Link, said: ‘We are honoured to introduce this new technology and believe this critical digital infrastructure will drive the country’s sustainable economic growth, climate resilience, and shape a brighter future for Vanuatu.’

Paul Hyde, CEO of Wave, added: ‘Our partnership with 3 Link underscores our shared belief in connectivity as a catalyst for progress. Together, we will bridge the digital divide and empower Vanuatu with accessible, high speed internet, paving the way for innovation, education, and economic growth.

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