Accenture lined up an acquisition of Fibermind, an Italian specialist in 5G and fixed network deployments the consultancy intends to use to bolster its play in the telecoms, utilities and transportation industries.

The planned purchase will bring 400 Fibermind staff into Accenture’s fold, providing expertise involving network design, permit processes and localised project management.

Accenture announced the move yesterday (19 June), stating Fibermind’s team is also well-versed in network acceptance testing, documentation procedures and “home connection”.

Roberto Pagella, head of Accenture Operations in Italy, said the acquisition “will significantly strengthen our expertise in the telecommunications network engineering services, boosting our growth in a strategic sector”.

Accenture stated it plans to tap Fibermind’s 20-years of experience, partnerships and relationships with national and local authorities to provide network engineering, along with “technology assets powered by automation, robotics, data and AI”.

Pagella described the combination as delivering the potential to “create a centre of excellence in engineering services where technology and data enhance and amplify human skills and knowledge”.

Fibermind GM Andrea Targa said the deal would provide the chance to expand beyond Italy along with the opportunity to boost its current business.

Accenture added the move builds on a recent run of acquisitions in Europe since 2020, pointing to moves in Spain, France and Germany.

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