BT said it was able to successfully aggregate four carrier components in a 5G standalone live network. The carrier added that the technology will bring superior experiences for customers on its EE mobile network. BT combined four low-band and mid-band radio channels (2.1, 2.6, 3.4, 3.6 GHz), using Nokia’s 5G Radio Access Network technology in EE’s live network spectrum. 

The trial was conducted in two stages. It was first performed in BT’s Radio Lab in Bristol, and then moved outdoors, onto a radio mast at BT’s Adastral Park in Suffolk, where the team achieved 4CC on 5G SA radiating in EE’s regular radio spectrum. MediaTek’s M80 5G modem was used in the trial. BT noted that this is the first time in Europe that a network operator has achieved 4CC on 5G SA using commercial spectrum, and the first time this has been achieved outside of a lab in Europe.

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