BT Group deepened a collaboration with US chipmaker Qualcomm by opening a new 5G laboratory in the UK, with the aim of developing next-generation technologies, and launching new services and features.

The laboratory is installed in Qualcomm’s UK offices using BT’s live environment, providing a platform for the pair to test and validate new advanced 5G technologies, the companies stated.

Details on what technologies and use cases the companies will work on were sparse, but they stated there is a focus on ensuring faster deployment, meaning consumers can benefit from new technologies sooner.

BT and Qualcomm have worked together on technology development for more than a decade, starting with the early days of 4G.

Vikrant Jain, director of business development at Qualcomm, explained the laboratory facilities will accelerate deployment of new services, with the company looking forward “to what else is to come for us in the technology space in the future”.

BT senior manager of device technology Naveen Khapali made similar noises, stating the duo will be able to collaborate more closely by working in an embedded laboratory, helping to develop the next generation of technology for its customers.

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