Claro Brasil was the 5G leader in twelve out of 27 state capitals in Brazil at the end of April, followed by Vivo (10) and TIM Brasil (5), according to data from the Teleco consultancy. Claro led the market in Rio de Janeiro (37.7% market share), Brasilia (40.0%), Goiania (38.0%), Salvador (39.2%), Recife (35.0%), Belem (40.2%), Campo Grande (46.7%), Sao Luis (40.0%), Porto Velho (59.8%), Teresina (38.4%), Palmas (57.5%) and Rio Branco (49.1%).

Telecom said Vivo was the 5G market leader in Sao Paulo (39.1%), Belo Horizonte (47.4%), Manaus (43.5%), Porto Alegre (46.1%), Cuiaba (47.4%), Aracaju (60.7%), Florianopolis (37.0%), Vitoria (67.4%) and Boa Vista (57.8%).

TIM Brasil for 5G led in Curitiba (49.1%), Fortaleza (36.7%), Natal (42.3%), Joao Pessoa (37.6%) and Macapa (41.3%).

Vivo led by number of 5G mobile phones in the state capitals (1.3 million), ahead of Claro (1 million) and TIM Brasil (346,000). However, Claro Brasil is the leader in terms of market share of 5G mobile phones (38.6%), with Vivo seieng strong growth (37.9%), followed by TIM Brasil (23.5%)

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