Claro Chile (America Movil) ended up being awarded all five 10 MHz blocks in the 3.5 GHz band after prevailing in the country’s second 5G tender. Chilean telecommunications watchdog Subtel said Claro offered CLP 83.5 billion (around USD 90 million) for the 30-year concession while rival Entel bid around half that amount following a technical tie in the first round.

As a result, Claro will join Entel, Movistar Chile (Telefonica) and Wom in offering 5G services in the country, with Subtel also revealing plans to launch a third 5G tender following a spectrum redistribution process.

The country’s second 5G tender following the one held in 2021 is part of the government’s Zero Digital Gap Plan and involves connecting at least 121 localities plus over 1,500 kilometers of highways.

According to Subtel figures, 5G networks accounted for around 15 percent (3.8 million) of the country’s total of 26.7 million at the end of December, offsetting a 7.4 percent decline in 4G lines from 19.2 million to 17.8 million.

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