Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica has revealed that the government is working with the country’s telecoms operators to commercialise 5G services in Fiji. Speaking at a side meeting at an event organised by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation, Kamikamica said: ‘I would like to advise that 5G is on its way to Fiji,’ adding that the government is keen to make Fiji the technological hub for the region. ‘Right now, we are issuing licences to the two players for the testing, there are some regulations we need to step through and once that’s done we will be rolling out the 5G network,’ he pointed out. The plans for implementing 5G will be submitted to Cabinet for its approval, the minister said.

Fiji is currently served by two mobile network operators (MNOs), Vodafone and Digicel, which between them have provided 95% of the population with access to either a 3G, 4G or 4G+ network, with ongoing plans to connect the remaining 5% within the next four years, according to the minister.

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