Full-service provider Hutchison Drei Austria has announced the commercial launch of 5G Standalone (5G SA) services under the name ‘5G+’. The offering has been made available for 1.3 million homes and businesses across the country, and all of the firm’s existing 5G transmission sites have been activated for 5G+.

‘Since the beginning of 2019 we have set up a completely new network for 5G. Today we are going live in our core network, Austria’s most modern 5G network,’ stated Rudolf Schrefl, CEO of Drei Austria, adding: ‘This technological leap heralds the dawn of a new internet age for Austria. With 5G+ we are now offering mobile internet with bandwidth guarantee – not only for corporate customers, but also for private customers at home.

This means that our customers in Austria, but also in Europe and even worldwide are the first to fully benefit from the latest technology standard in everyday life.’

The new ‘FIX’ 5G SA tariffs from Drei are now available regionally from EUR32 (USD31.4) per month, or if a customer already has an active mobile phone contract with Drei, as a combined offer from EUR18 per month.

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