Chilean telco Entel has announced that it has extended its 3.5GHz 5G network to the island territory of Rapa Nui, which is better known as Easter Island. Entel’s general manager Antonio Buchi commented: ‘The installation of the first 5G antennas in Rapa Nui fills us with pride and is the result of Entel’s commitment to deliver connectivity, reaching every corner of the country, to bring the infinite possibilities that technology offers to all Chileans.’

Situated 3,500km from the Chilean mainland, Easter Island ranks as one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. Entel deployed single channel HF fixed voice services on Easter Island back in 1966 and activated a digital satellite link in 1990. 2G services went live on the island in 2003, with Entel launching 3G in 2010 and 4G in 2016.

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