Ericsson says it set a record download speed of 5.7 Gbps by using 5G carrier aggregation and combining six component carriers (CC) in a data call conducted in an Ericsson lab.

The data call was achieved using three FDD (frequency division duplex) bands combined with three TDD (time division duplex) bands in sub-6 GHz spectrum. Ericsson’s Radio Access Network (RAN) compute hardware, carrier aggregation software and Advanced RAN Coordination functionality were all part of the demonstration.

The 3 FDD + 3 TDD carrier aggregation testing was conducted with a user equipment (UE) simulator. “By combining FDD spectrum with TDD spectrum, more users can benefit from carrier aggregation gains,” the Swedish vendor stated.

In total, 400 MHz of bandwidth was aggregated with FDD bandwidths ranging from 20 MHz to 50 MHz to achieve the 5.7 Gbps throughput.

“We are keeping the momentum on carrier aggregation by continuously stretching its potential to boost capacity and speed,” said Sibel Tombaz, head of Product Line 5G RAN at Ericsson Networks, in a press release. “Our successful 6CC data call shows how versatile our solution is and that we are poised to work with ecosystem partners to make this new band combination a reality. Our goal, as always, is to help customers meet end users’ growing appetite for high-capacity, ultrahigh-speed 5G.”

According to Ericsson, carrier aggregation is crucial to getting the best possible 5G performance out of scattered spectrum assets and with 6CC, service providers will be able to maximize their spectrum for the best possible subscriber experience – meaning better audio and video quality for streaming users and faster file downloads.

Last month, T-Mobile announced it was rolling out four-carrier aggregation on its standalone (SA) 5G network, combining four different 5G channels, or carriers, to deliver better speed and performance. The company didn’t specify what locations would get the benefit first but said it would make it available nationwide in the coming weeks.

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