The Tunisian government sees 5G as a key driver for advancing digital transformation across various sectors of the economy. Under the new roadmap, the issuance of licenses and the commercial launch of ultra-high-speed internet are set for September and November 2024, respectively.

The Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies has recently announced a tender for 5G operating licenses. Interested telecom operators can submit their applications between July 3 and September 2 for the opportunity to deploy fifth-generation technology in Tunisia.

This follows the government’s approval of the 5G launch roadmap on June 13. Under the plan, each Tunisian telecom operator will be allocated a 5 MHz duplex in the 700 MHz band and 100 MHz (TDD) in the 3.5 GHz band, with the option for three blocks of 20 MHz upon operators’ requests. The licenses will be valid for 15 years and support the government’s overall national digital infrastructure development strategy and nationwide expansion of high-speed broadband coverage.

5G deployment aligns with Tunisia’s efforts to accelerate administrative digitisation, secure national cyberspace, ensure digital sovereignty, and create a trusted digital environment essential for digitalisation projects.

The arrival of 5G is poised to open doors to new mobile technology applications. In a 2021 public consultation on ultra-high-speed internet by the National Telecommunications Authority (INT), potential uses highlighted included IoT, in-vehicle video streaming, data exchanges during major events, autonomous vehicles, and online gaming.

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