Plans for a secondary allocation of 5G-suitable spectrum have been delayed by the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA). Earlier this year the JCRA accepted applications from JT Jersey and Sure Jersey for two of the three ‘Full Service’ 5G spectrum packages it had put up for grabs, before in April 2023 recommending to British regulator Ofcom – which is responsible for managing Jersey’s radio spectrum – that the two operators be awarded frequencies.

In the wake of these developments, the JCRA had said that it intended to conduct a second invitation to tender (ITT) process this year for 5G spectrum for the frequency package left over from the initial award process. Now, however, it has said that after ‘careful consideration’, it has decided to delay this second ITT for 5G spectrum until after it concludes its examination of the proposed merger between Sure and Airtel-Vodafone. According to the JCRA, its decision to delay ‘will help avoid the risk of potentially inefficient spectrum allocation’.

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