Nokia agreed a long-term patent licence agreement with Apple covering 5G and other technologies, providing certainty ahead of the expiry of a current deal at the year-end.

Terms of the agreement remain confidential, with Nokia stating it is due to receive payments from Apple for a multi-year period.

Nokia expects to see revenue from the new agreement from January 2024, consistent with a long-term outlook issued after Q1.

Jenni Lukander, president of Nokia Technologies, said the deal with Apple was “amicable”.

Nokia and Apple’s current agreement was struck in 2017 following an intense legal battle around alleged infringements of the vendor’s patents by the iPhone maker which led to an investigation by the US International Trade Commission.

Lukander said the refreshed deal “reflects the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio, decades-long investment in R&D and contributions to cellular standards and other technologies”.

Nokia said it had invested more than €140 billion on R&D since 2000, developing around 20,000 patents including 5,500 declared essential to 5G.

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