NTT has launched Edge-as-a-Service, a managed edge compute platform developed with Intel and VMware that gives enterprises the ability to deploy, manage and monitor applications closer to the edge. NTT is using VMware’s Edge Compute Stack to power the new offering. VMware is meanwhile adopting NTT’s Private 5G technologies as part of its edge platform. The companies will jointly market the offering through coordinated co-innovation, sales, and business development.

The new NTT Edge-as-a-Service offering is a an integrated platform for business process automation. It delivers near-zero latency for enterprise applications at the network edge, according to the vendors. Powered by VMware’s Edge Compute Stack, the product includes private 5G connectivity and will be delivered by NTT across its global footprint running on Intel network and edge technology.

VMware and NTT’s offering resides closer to where the data is generated or collected, enabling enterprises to access and react to information instantaneously. The platform is aimed at a number of industries, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, and entertainment.

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