Nur Telecom (O!) is the second mobile operator in Kyrgyzstan to announce tests of 5G network technology, following rival MegaCom’s disclosure earlier this month. In a press release yesterday, O! reported that it had conducted measurements of 5G data speed ‘which for the first time in Kyrgyzstan accelerated to 1.5Gbps.’ The company’s technical director Anton Kovalenko noted that ‘the launch of 5G into commercial operation is not far off, but it is too early to talk about a mass commercial launch, the transition will be phased.’ He added: ‘If [customers] are looking for a new smartphone, then in my opinion, it already makes sense to turn your attention to devices with support for the latest technology.’

5G in Kyrgyzstan is being tested in the n77 and n78 (3400MHz-3800MHz) frequency ranges, and will initially be integrated with existing 4G networks. O! expects its eventual 5G network to provide data speeds around ‘ten times faster than 4G’ with ‘average speed of 150Mbps-200Mbps.’

The release also drew attention to prospects for new 5G-driven use cases including precision farming, telemedicine, industrial, entertainment and education applications, supporting development of IoT, smart city, VR/AR and other technologies and forming the basis for digital transformation of local companies.

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