Montenegrin mobile network operator One has announced the commercial launch of its 5G network in the capital Podgorica, with plans to cover all urban areas of the country during the next year. All of One’s mobile customers, regardless of their tariff, will be able to access 5G services at no additional cost until the end of the year, provided they have a suitable device and are in a coverage area. Only Xiaomi 5G handsets have so far been enabled, but the operator is working to add support for other manufacturers ‘soon’.

Having partnered with the University of Montenegro’s Faculty of Engineering for initial testing, One claimed its first 5G base transceiver station (BTS), deployed in May and covering Roman Square and the company’s head office, achieved a data transfer rate of over 1.6Gbps during trials. One is the second Montenegrin MNO to launch 5G commercial services, following Crnogorski Telekom’s activation of sites in central Podgorica in early March. The operator’s network has since been extended to cover all urban areas of the city.

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