Privately-owned Bermudan start-up Paradise Mobile has revealed its 5G network rollout is almost complete. Speaking at a recent conference foregrounding fifth-generation technologies in Austin, Texas, the newcomer’s CEO Sam Tabbara revealed to Light Reading that his company will hit its target of having island-wide 5G coverage ‘within a few weeks’ adding that ‘some testing and tweaking is already under way’. Tabbara explained that Paradise Mobile’s 5G network requires ‘only a handful of transmission sites’ because of the island’s relatively small size.

The CEO’s immediate target, however, is not the consumer market but rather to help develop new products and services in Bermuda and create a hub for Internet of Things (IoT) innovation on the island – ‘eventually for wider markets’. Market watchers have previously noted that Paradise Mobile sees an opportunity to use a country where the residents and visitors are in a higher financial demographic as a proving ground for new 5G applications and services, rather than merely to capture market share. That having been said, the CEO is quoted as saying: ‘Bermudians deserve real choice for their mobile provider, and we’re working as hard as we can to deploy the best, most cutting-edge network in the world for Bermuda. We are confident we will deliver a great experience with competitive pricing for Bermudians.’

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