Persistent Systems, a digital engineering provider, has recently opened a state-of-the-art 5G lab in Pune, India, in partnership with technology giant Cisco Systems. The lab will provide a testing and development environment for network functions and product development activities.

The new lab will cater to operators, network equipment vendors, communications and media companies, as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) in the IoT industry. The lab aims to promote interoperability and quick deployment of 5G solutions, enabling faster monetization. Additionally, it will offer a platform to test various industry use cases, including multi-cloud orchestration, open RAN, MEC and more.

The content will enable developers to conduct operator trials and integration tests. It will also provide resources for quickly validating and improving interoperability and system-generated tests for pre-operator testing.

The main focus of the lab is to facilitate the development of products and services that can utilize the capabilities of 5G. This includes testing and demonstrating the ability of 5G applications to function in a network environment that offers high-speed connectivity, low latency and high reliability.

Furthermore, the lab can serve as a platform for 5G application providers to showcase their products and services. It can also demonstrate how 5G can enhance the user experience and drive business growth.

Persistent stated that the 5G lab will bring together top network OEMs, ISVs and experts from Persistent’s ecosystem. Its purpose is to assist and empower application providers with cutting-edge open-source solutions in a diverse 5G test environment involving multiple vendors.

The lab is equipped to handle the latest 5G scenarios, such as managing private 5G networks, utilizing AI for autonomous network management, ensuring full-stack observability and facilitating industrial IoT.

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