Samsung has responded to saturated 5G wholesale markets by reassigning 700 domestic workers from its 4,000-person networks unit to new roles in its business, according to BusinessKorea. The South Korean vendor reportedly announced the move on 17 June. 6G’s extended roadmap was another factor in the decision.

BusinessKorea also reports Samsung’s decision to scale back telecoms exposure was part of a wider efficiency drive intended to address changes in market demand. 

Last year, Samsung’s networks division generated revenues totalling KRW 3.78 trillion, down 29.7 percent from 2022 as wholesale demand for 5G equipment in major markets dried up.

The unit swelled in the years following 2018 when Samsung became the first company to commercialise 5G technology. Subsequently, many employees were drafted from Samsung’s wireless and visual display units to concentrate on 5G.

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