Singapore operator Singtel is making the Azure public multi-access edge compute (MEC) available for all enterprises. At the launch event, held at Microsoft’s Experience Centre Asia, Singtel also revealed its first commercial customer and the addition of partner solutions such as large language modelling (LLM) to its 5G offerings. 

Through this integration, National University Health System (NUHS) trialled Singtel’s connectivity and 5G network, Paragon and Microsoft Azure, including tools and applications to help surgeons leverage mixed reality technology to visualise organs in HD 3D, and plan operating procedures. Plans are underway to roll out the service commercially later this year. 

Microsoft Azure public MEC and Azure Programmable Connectivity integrated with Singtel’s 5G network and Paragon platform for 5G networks, edge computing and services orchestration, is designed to help enterprises use 5G to explore high bandwidth and low latency use cases to upgrade operations in sectors such as smart city, public safety, transportation, healthcare, and urban planning. 

The NUHS’ Holomedicine programme will be one of the first commercial use cases to use the Azure public MEC technology with augmented reality for the healthcare sector. Singtel says its connectivity and 5G network enables high-resolution images to be sent to Microsoft HoloLens, a mixed reality headset that is designed to help solve real business problems using intelligent apps. This technology will help surgeons to better visualise a patient’s organs in HD 3D render without any disruption or lag. 

Singtel also revealed three other service from local software partners, Nvidia, Hiverlab and Quantiphi, that demonstrate the application of 5G and Azure Public MEC to run augmented reality, AI, and digital twins technologies. 

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