Telia Finland and local vendor Nokia have announced the launch of what they claim is the world’s first commercial 5G Standalone (SA) network with network slicing for fixed wireless access (FWA) services. In a press release regarding the development, Telia said it is introducing 5G SA to its fifth-generation FWA home broadband services and as such will be able to start offering a range of broadband deals with guaranteed service levels to its customers.

Under the deal between the two companies, Nokia will reportedly upgrade Telia Finland’s entire 5G RAN infrastructure to enable 5G slicing utilising equipment from its comprehensive AirScale portfolio including 5G radio and baseband products. Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the introduction of network slicing will mean that Telia can dynamically allocate a portion of the network for 5G FWA, flexibly balance traffic between FWA and mobile users, and provide new services like application category-based slicing. Further, being able to specify slices with differentiated levels of speed, latency, and data quality will mean that Telia is able to offer its customers a selection of broadband deals with guaranteed service levels based on customer requirements. Nokia 5G FWA gateways are included in the deal, with Telia also utilising Nokia’s Carrier Aggregation technology for making the best use of its 5G spectrum assets to improve coverage in key regions.

Commenting, Telia Finland’s chief technical officer, Jari Collin, said: ‘We were one of the first operators in Europe to introduce a 5G Standalone and Core network and with the encouraging feedback of our customers, we are now deploying this new technology commercially. 5G’s most innovative applications will be built on our 5G network, and we want to keep Finland at the forefront of its development as this technology matures.’

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