Finnish telco Elisa has fired up new 5G networks across Lapland, extending its coverage to 197 locations and 9 ski centres in Finland.

Kemijärvi, Keminmaa and Pelkosenniemi in Lapland are now covered by Elisa’s 5G network, as well as the Pyhätunturi ski center. In Pelkosenniemi it will initially cover the built-up area east of Pyhätunturi, while In Kemijärvi it will first serve the Raajärvi area, and in Keminmaa it will extend to the Metsäkall and Kallinkanka areas.

Nationwide, apparently more than 80% of Finns already live in Elisa’s 5G network area – which isn’t bad going compared to plenty of other places in Europe.

“The construction of Finland’s most comprehensive 5G network is progressing rapidly, and now we brought a high-speed network to several tourism centres in Lapland,” said Jarmo Mikkola , Elisa’s Northern Finland regional manager. “Pyhätunturi is already the ninth ski center to receive Elisa’s 5G network. In addition to permanent residents of the region, the 5G network also serves tourists well and helps with the growing need for network capacity during the holiday season.”

Ville Aho, CEO of Ruka and Pyhä ski centres added: “The fast 5G network is very welcome in Pyhätunturi. The improving telecommunication connections make vacationing in Pyhä and also remote work, which is popular all the time, even more complicated.”

We are also hearing reports that Father Christmas has declared operations at his toy making facilities in Lapland will benefit from the 5G expansion, announcing reindeer-less autonomous sleighs, predictive maintenance algorithms for the wooden soldier production line, and better remote conferencing functionality for the worker elves, who have been WFH since the pandemic.

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