The Impact of Digital Taxes in Africa

Professor H Sama Nwana, partner at Cenerva and a technology and telecommunications expert, was recently asked to participate at a workshop organised by the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). This workshop focused in on the impact of digital taxation on digital rights in Africa, sharing perspectives from platform operators, national [...]

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New Technologies, New Rules: What Will Happen Next?

Are You Leading Your Industry into a Digital Transformation or Being Left Behind? The world needs regulation fit for the digital age. To foster competitive, secure, inclusive and ethical digital economies, we need to provide adequate rules for our technology. Regulation of the telecoms sector will need to drive radical changes to adapt to the [...]

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Webinar Video – Cenerva Regulatory TRMC Review

As the communications sector continues to grow and diversify, regulators have been tasked with ensuring that operators comply with a complex set of laws and regulations. The regulatory environment is changing rapidly, which means that regulators need to adapt in order to keep pace. Our Regulatory Master Class provides delegates with an understanding of how [...]

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Egypt’s Telecoms Regulator Punishes Operators for Number Porting Abuse

Bravo NTRC Egypt – a regulator who punishes operators financially for abusing customers who want to port their number Finally, a regulator who takes decisive action to safeguard consumer interests against operator number portability service frustration and abuse tactics. NTRA Egypt has punished Egyptian mobile operators where it hurts … serious financial penalties totalling over [...]

SIM Registration Makes the Headlines in Nigeria Again

Blog update – Nigerian SIMs - a National Resource? Update 19th April 2021: Nigeria will resume registration of new SIM cards in the next week The Nigerian government says telecommunications companies will resume registration, activation, and replacement of SIM cards on April 19th, after they halted the process months ago. The registration will follow the [...]

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Cenerva at MWC Barcelona 25-28 Feb 2019

Since acquiring the highly-respected ICC TRMC regulatory training business in 2018, Cenerva has proudly continued its 20-year legacy of delivering training courses for regulatory specialists from service providers and the public sector, from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. We are now pleased to announce the updated and expanded 2019 ICC TRMC training programme. [...]

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Cenerva Leads the Way for Regulation Education Following Telecom Regulatory Master Classes Success

London, 8 August 2018: Following excellent feedback for its Telecoms Regulatory Master Classes (TRMCs), international telecoms consultancy Cenerva Ltd has revealed its plans to expand and grow its education programme for both operators and regulators. This expansion for Cenerva, which has clients in more than 50 countries, follows the acquisition of the Interconnect Communications (ICC) [...]

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Cenerva launches innovative Flexi Support service

Communications consultancy Cenerva today launched its innovative Flexi Support regulatory/ policy service The dynamic global ICT landscape creates an increasingly broad range of mission critical regulatory challenges for the ICT industry. Policy-makers and business leaders are under intense pressure to keep pace. Cenerva can help. Through its global network of over 150 regulatory, technical and [...]

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