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Session 1 – Universal Service: promoting widespread availability of services

The digital divide is real – particularly acute in developing and emerging markets, necessitating universal service interventions and universal service funds (USFs).

  • Why the Digital divide? Why more acute in Developing and Emerging Markets (DEMs)?
  • Theory of why policy makers need to intervene to promote “widespread availability”
  • Distribution of Benefits – what benefits?
  • Fixed world USO vs. Mobile world USF
  • Economics of networks and their relevance to the digital divide
  • USF Funds: their aims and challenges
  • Value for Monies (VFM) & Measurement & Evaluation of Funds
  • Demand side: USF Programs & projects
  • Sustainability: Innovative new USF-like thinking: Civilisation in a Box

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Net Neutrality, OTT and Online Content Regulation

Convergence has blurred boundaries between operators’ networks and the Internet. Whilst the former was largely regulated, the latter was largely not – until now. How has it come to that Online content regulation is contemplated? Even Facebook is demanding it. Furthermore, Net neutrality challenges crept upon operators, and thousands of “over the top” (OTT) services start substituting operators’ voice and SMS services.

  • Brief Introduction to Convergence and Implications/questions on Net Neutrality, OTT and Online Regulation
  • Net Neutrality and Zero Rating
  • The Rise and Rise of Over The Top (OTT) Services… & Debate
  • Over the Top (OTT) Services & Net Neutrality
  • OTT Taxes: A Case Study
  • Online Content Regulation: perspectives, principles and practicalities
  • Fake news, Election rules, and more.
  • Summary

Brochure download: Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC 8 half-days from 12th Jan to 9th Feb 2021

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