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Session 1 – MVNO Regulation: Regulating for MVNOs in an increasing converged world (I)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are generally relatively rare, particularly in emerging/developing market countries – why? With increasing convergence, there arguably should emerge more MVNOs, e.g. significant brand MVNOs, mobile financial services MVNOs, etc. How do regulators regulate better for their emergence?

  • Defining MVNOs and MVNO Markets
  • History of and types of MVNOs
  • Overview of MVNO Networks
  • MVNO Technical and Regulatory Touchpoints
  • MVNO Legal frameworks
  • Regulatory legal and Economic bases for regulating for MVNOs
  • Policy & Regulatory Best practices with MVNOs
  • Summary

Coffee Break

Session 2 – The Rise and Rise of Cyber Crimes, Cyber Frauds, Tax Frauds, National Security Concerns and their Mitigations

An overview of cyber-related crimes, frauds and policy/implementation to mitigate.

  • Definitions of types of cybercrimes
  • Introduction to “the Rise and Rise of Cyber Frauds”: Why? • Why these frauds truly matter
  • Typology of Frauds and their Mitigations
    • Cyber Crimes
    • Voice-Based Frauds
    • Bypass/SIM Bank frauds
    • Subscriptions/Identity (ID) Theft
    • 5G
    • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
    • Credit Card frauds
    • Tax Frauds
  • Cyber Frauds/Crimes against Children
  • Policy and Regulatory Responses
  • Summary

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