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Session 1 – Financial Inclusion & Mobile Financial Services & Telecoms

This session looks at Financial Inclusion/mobile Financial services, Regulating for financial inclusion and the Collaboration needed amongst financial, telecommunications and competition authorities.

  • Mobile money as a driver of financial inclusion Telcos – hosting a growing financial business
  • From mobile money to digital financial services
  • The need to develop mobile money further
  • Regulating for financial inclusion: the importance of good regulation Prudential regulation and customer due diligence
  • Issues: agent network issues, telco network access issues, interoperability issues
  • Customer data & risk-based financial services
  • Consumer protection
  • Complementary role of authorities & Collaborating in the Use of Powers Making unilateral progress where necessary

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things and mobile/fixed network technologies are converging to present huge opportunities for companies to gain great value from data. This leads to a world where artificial intelligent and machine learning algorithms are increasingly making more decisions for consumers and citizens “black box”-style. This presents challenges for regulators and regulation.

  • What is Big Data?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Why the AI & Big Data Craze?
  • Machine Learning
  • How AI is becoming more and more important to the Economy
  • Why and how data is becoming more important to both Economy and to Regulators
  • Big Data & QoS: a Case Study
  • Ethical challenges
  • Implications for Policy and Regulation

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