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Session 1 – Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technologies, Mobile Financial Services & other Use Cases

Blockchains and Distributed Ledger technologies are upcoming, and would have critical roles in financial inclusion.

  • Why blockchains for mobile financial services and Emerging Markets
  • What are blockchains: a quick intro to how they work?
  • Public vs. Private Blockchains
  • Understanding a real MFS environment towards specifying the challenges of a DLT/Blockchain-based one
  • Regulatory & Legal Considerations for Blockchains
  • Piloting Blockchains/DLTs
  • Summary

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Data Regulations, Data Protection Laws & Privacy

With Big Data, AI, OTT, Blockchains/DLT – one thing is for sure. The increasing growth of data needed by data-driven business models – necessitating Data Regulations and Data protection laws.

  • EU Data Regulation Laws and the EU Regime
  • Why Corporates need to prioritise Data Management
  • Exploiting opportunities whilst remaining compliant with new raft of legislations coming into force
  • Improving Data Protection Laws: Model legal framework for control over protection, access and dissemination of digital and paper-stored data
  • Addressing Cybersecurity, updating data protection legislation and balancing access to information with privacy protections
  • Case Study Discussion

Questions to Presenters for the DAY

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