Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 2

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Session 1 – Overview of Telecom Networks

This session gives an introduction to the technical elements of fixed and mobile networks and looks at the methods and hardware used to deploy network infrastructure and the technologies used to deliver customer services.

  • Analogue and digital basic principles
  • The development & operation of mobile networks
  • Network topologies – fixed/mobile
  • Network construction – fixed/mobile
  • Migration to next generation core and access networks
  • IP network revolution
  • Mobile evolution to LTE
  • Converged internet access – seamless mobility technologies

Session 2 – The Regulatory Authority: Today and Tomorrow

In this session we review the role of the regulatory authority and in particular its institutional arrangements: how is it organised and how does it operate?

How should the regulator respond to the challenges it will face in the coming years and how should the NRA be aligned to meet those challenges? Does convergence of network functions and the introduction of next generation networks necessitate the introduction of the converged regulator?

Brochure download: Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC 17th Nov. to 10th Dec. 2020 - 8 half-day sessions

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