Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 4

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Session 1 – Licensing! Why License? Licence Procedures and Licence Fees

Most countries regulate the telecoms sector through a licensing regime. Why? What are the main features of a licensing regime and how is it implemented? How are approaches to licensing changing as technologies and services develop?

In this session, we will consider the significance of:

  • General and particular licences
  • The impact of VoIP
  • The future of licensing regimes and the move towards general authorisations
  • The role of licence fees. Should they only cover administrative costs or should they reflect the value of the services being provided?
  • Should there be a market rate for licences?
  • What are the respective benefits of administrative fees, beauty parades and auctions?

Brochure download: Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC 17th Nov. to 10th Dec. 2020 - 8 half-day sessions

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