Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 6

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Session 1 – Spectrum Management

Management of the radio spectrum is undergoing huge policy change in most countries. More than ever, markets and price are being used to determine allocation. This session looks at history to establish a benchmark in command and control. It then introduces the various change mechanisms such as liberalisation, harmonisation, spectrum re-farming, service & technology neutrality and spectrum engineering. The session strikes a balance between the historical methods of allocation and assignment and the modern allotments using economic principles.

Session 2 – Universal Service, Universal Access & Broadband for All

The issues of universal service and access have largely been resolved for voice communication but internet and superfast broadband pose major challenges. We will consider traditional approaches to universality before addressing the evolving responses to broadband for all including:

  • The new economy and new targets
  • The new digital divide
  • State aid and public intervention
  • Investment models
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