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Session 1 – Numbering

Numbering is critical to the provision of telecommunication services. The development of successful numbering plans and the allocation of numbers affects regulators, operators and consumers.

  • How is the number plan managed?
  • How is number portability implemented and when should carrier preselection be introduced?
  • What is the role of the regulator and operators?
  • What is the future for numbering?
  • Number Portability: what it is and what does it entail?

Session 2 – The Regulatory Authority: Today and Tomorrow

In this session we review the role of the regulatory authority and in particular its institutional arrangements: how is it organised and how does it operate? How should the regulator respond to the challenges it will face in the coming years and how should the NRA be aligned to meet those challenges? Does convergence of network functions and the introduction of next generation networks necessitate the introduction of the converged regulator?

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