Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 5

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Session 1 – Legal Foundations of Spectrum Policy & Management

The concept of a license to grant access rights:

• Introduction to property rights and spectrum access
• Different types of spectrum access: light licensing, assignments, allotments and spectrum commons • National and international laws and the granting of rights
• License term and the right to change licenses in the common interest
• Access rights and license conditions and the avoidance of harmful interference
• Structures of spectrum management organisations

Session 2 – Assignment and Allotment

The techniques of spectrum access debates and current issues affecting regulation of the mobile sector.

• Determining free channels: assigning in a noise limited environment • Assignment in an interference limited environment
• Allotments and allotment protection
• Plans, plan development and conversion from plan to assignment

• Spectrum trading & the modification and transfer of rights

Session 3 – Spectrum Case Studies & Discussions

Case studies and discussions (GSMA, IoT, and more)

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