Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 6

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Session 1 – Introduction to the Economics of Spectrum

This session looks at the economics of spectrum policy, and how economic principles continue to apply to spectrum management and policy to date.

• Economic ideas and how they apply to spectrum policy and management • Demand, supply, competition, monopolies and market power
• Introduction of pricing of goods and elasticity of demand
• Economic information required for effective spectrum management


Session 2 – Some Key Implications of an Economic Perspective to Spectrum Policy & Management

Applying economic principles and using markets in allocating spectrum resources.

• Contribution of Radio spectrum to economic growth and GDP
• Impact of spectrum policy on competition in communication market
• Spectrum Liberalisation and an analysis of its benefits
• Spectrum pricing: a brief introduction & spectrum pricing mechanisms • Spectrum valuation approach and benchmarking
• Spectrum auctions, beauty contests and spectrum trading
• Competition issues with spectrum & Secondary spectrum markets
• Private and Broader Social Value & implications on spectrum policy
• Case Study

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