Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 7

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Session 1 – From Spectrum Policies to Procedures

Spectrum policies translate to procedures in day to day spectrum management: from licence application to licence awards

• The ITU, world and regional processes
• Policies and procedures around the world
• The ITU Framework: service, application, system type, station class and other designations
• International coordination and cross border existence
• Spectrum management as a business process: gaining transactional efficiency through analysis • Automating processes, linking to the Internet and E-licensing
• Introduction to computerised spectrum management systems

Session 2 – Spectrum Monitoring & Enforcement

Efficient spectrum policy in practice

• The role of monitoring and enforcement in spectrum regulation • Specifying modern monitoring systems
• Practical aspects of monitoring
• Locating and resolving interference

• Monitoring systems and equipment
• Spectrum management solutions and key vendors

Session 3 – Making Spectrum Change

Modern spectrum policy and management is much about change. Investigating how users find new spectrum for new applications (like IoT, M2M, etc.) and ideas like reassignment of rights, refarming and band sharing.

• Specifying spectrum blocks for new services
• Finding spectrum for emerging applications
• Spectrum re-planning, refarming, reassignment of rights and change
• Financial issues and compensation for loss
• Case Study: Digital Switchover
• Access rights and license conditions and the avoidance of harmful interference • Structures of spectrum management organisations

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