Past Events

Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 7

HALF - DAY 7 Session 1 – Numbering Numbering is critical to the provision of telecommunication services. The development of successful numbering plans and the allocation of numbers affects regulators, operators and consumers. How is the number plan managed? How is number portability implemented and when should carrier preselection be introduced? What is the role […]

Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 8

HALF - DAY Session 1 – Problem Solving Exercises The afternoon session is devoted to a Group Exercise that will draw on detail from the sessions during the week. Delegates will be divided into teams and invited to solve regulatory problems involving sector policy and licensing. Session 2 – Future Trends and Regulatory Challenges The […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 1

HALF - DAY 1 Brief welcome message and Introduction to the Master Class. Delegates to introduce themselves and state their objectives. Session 1 – Telecommunications, Media & Technology - A Sector in Transition A review of the tools used to perform regulation, focusing on the socio-economic reasons for regulatory regimes and their governance and stakeholder […]


Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 2

HALF - DAY 2 Session 1 – Economic Regulation & Competition Policy This session considers concepts of markets and competition as they relate to the fundamental tasks of economic regulation and underpin the work of the regulatory authority. This includes: The Role of Markets and Economics Competition & Productive, Allocative, Dynamic and Social Efficiencies Economic […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 3

HALF - DAY 3 Session 1 – Introduction to Networks, the Internet Platform & Internet Governance Series of Brief Introductions & their Regulatory Importance Overview of Fixed Networks Overview of Wireless Networks Overview of Broadcasting Networks Overview of Satellite Networks Media & New Players Technology Players & Standardisation The Internet Platform Brief Intro into Internet […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 4

HALF - DAY 4 Session 1 – Universal Service: promoting widespread availability of services The digital divide is real - particularly acute in developing and emerging markets, necessitating universal service interventions and universal service funds (USFs). Why the Digital divide? Why more acute in Developing and Emerging Markets (DEMs)? Theory of why policy makers need […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 5

HALF - DAY 5 Session 1 – MVNO Regulation: Regulating for MVNOs in an increasing converged world (I) Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are generally relatively rare, particularly in emerging/developing market countries – why? With increasing convergence, there arguably should emerge more MVNOs, e.g. significant brand MVNOs, mobile financial services MVNOs, etc. How do regulators […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 6

HALF - DAY 6 Session 1 – Financial Inclusion & Mobile Financial Services & Telecoms This session looks at Financial Inclusion/mobile Financial services, Regulating for financial inclusion and the Collaboration needed amongst financial, telecommunications and competition authorities. Mobile money as a driver of financial inclusion Telcos - hosting a growing financial business From mobile money […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 7

HALF - DAY 7 Session 1 – Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technologies, Mobile Financial Services & other Use Cases Blockchains and Distributed Ledger technologies are upcoming, and would have critical roles in financial inclusion. Why blockchains for mobile financial services and Emerging Markets What are blockchains: a quick intro to how they work? Public vs. […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 8

HALF - DAY 8 Session 1 – Cybersecurity & the need for a National Cybersecurity Strategy The 5G MYTH Cybersecurity risks are now so huge, and they present national security risks. Convergence - yet again –leads to such risks and entire country’s networks have been brought down for days through concerted cyberattacks. Every country now […]

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