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ICC TRMC Regulatory Master Class – 9 to 13 September 2019

Hilton Bath City Walcot Street, Bath

The Regulatory Master Class is the ideal training resource for professionals involved in or wishing to learn more about regulation of the communications sector, particularly those working for operators, regulators and telecommunications organisations. The course provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and models of regulation and examines topical regulatory issues. It also […]

£2650 – £3450

ICC TRMC 16-20 Sept. 2019, Bath, UK

Hilton Bath City Walcot Street, Bath

The Cenerva ICC Telecommunications Regulatory Master Classes provides comprehensive understanding of key issues in the world of communications. Delegates benefit from Cenerva’s work with regulatory bodies worldwide, and from the insight of highly experienced course presenters. The Cenerva ICC Executive Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT) TRMC overviews this incredible TMT Sector which is in so […]

£2650 – £3450

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 1

HALF - DAY 1 Session 1 – Introduction to Spectrum Policy & Management Introduction to the regulation of the radio spectrum describing each function and the skills, knowledge and processes needed to complete each successfully in a National Regulatory Authority. • The nature of the National Regulatory Authority (NRA), its roles and responsibilities • The […]


Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 2

HALF - DAY 2 Session 1 – Organisation of a Spectrum Policy Management Organisation This session takes a broad look at modern spectrum policy & management within NRAs. • End-2-to-end spectrum Policy & management and Spectrum Monitoring architecture • Spectrum Management Organisation • Licence processing, engineering, billing, monitoring • Modelling and Policy Making • Using […]


Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 3

HALF - DAY 3 Session 1 – Radio Propagation Fundamentals The Physics of Spectrum: The nature of radio signals in just enough detail to aid understanding. • The History of Radio Spectrum: Maxwell, Hertz, Marconi & friends • What is spectrum and where does it come from? How is it classified? • Propagation Mechanism: diffusion, […]


Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 4

HALF - DAY 4 Session 1 – Modern Wireless Basics & Carrying Information This session looks at encoding information onto a signal. Basic principles behind wireless technologies. • Analogue and Digital Modulation: CDMA, TDMA, OFDM, QAM, etc • Tools of spectrum efficiency: does more information need more spectrum? • Duplexing Techniques • Multiple access techniques […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 5

HALF - DAY 5 Session 1 – Legal Foundations of Spectrum Policy & Management The concept of a license to grant access rights: • Introduction to property rights and spectrum access • Different types of spectrum access: light licensing, assignments, allotments and spectrum commons • National and international laws and the granting of rights • […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 6

HALF - DAY 6 Session 1 – Introduction to the Economics of Spectrum This session looks at the economics of spectrum policy, and how economic principles continue to apply to spectrum management and policy to date. • Economic ideas and how they apply to spectrum policy and management • Demand, supply, competition, monopolies and market […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 7

HALF - DAY 7 Session 1 – From Spectrum Policies to Procedures Spectrum policies translate to procedures in day to day spectrum management: from licence application to licence awards • The ITU, world and regional processes • Policies and procedures around the world • The ITU Framework: service, application, system type, station class and other […]

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