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Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 7

HALF - DAY 7 Session 1 – Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technologies, Mobile Financial Services & other Use Cases Blockchains and Distributed Ledger technologies are upcoming, and would have critical roles in financial inclusion. Why blockchains for mobile financial services and Emerging Markets What are blockchains: a quick intro to how they work? Public vs. […]

Executive Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 8

HALF - DAY 8 Session 1 – Cybersecurity & the need for a National Cybersecurity Strategy The 5G MYTH Cybersecurity risks are now so huge, and they present national security risks. Convergence - yet again –leads to such risks and entire country’s networks have been brought down for days through concerted cyberattacks. Every country now […]

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