Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 5

HALF - DAY 5 Session 1 – Legal Foundations of Spectrum Policy & Management The concept of a license to grant access rights: • Introduction to property rights and spectrum access • Different types of spectrum access: light licensing, assignments, allotments and spectrum commons • National and international laws and the granting of rights • […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 6

HALF - DAY 6 Session 1 – Introduction to the Economics of Spectrum This session looks at the economics of spectrum policy, and how economic principles continue to apply to spectrum management and policy to date. • Economic ideas and how they apply to spectrum policy and management • Demand, supply, competition, monopolies and market […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 7

HALF - DAY 7 Session 1 – From Spectrum Policies to Procedures Spectrum policies translate to procedures in day to day spectrum management: from licence application to licence awards • The ITU, world and regional processes • Policies and procedures around the world • The ITU Framework: service, application, system type, station class and other […]

Spectrum Policy & Management Half day 8

HALF - DAY 8 Session 1 – Improving Spectrum Efficiency: Spectrum Sharing, Dynamic Spectrum Access & Unlicensed Spectrum Access Licensing Regimes have historically led to inefficient use of spectrum. This session covers an assessment of how spectrum may be used more efficiently by considering planning, spatial, geographical and temporal use. • Key contributors to more […]

Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 1

The Regulatory Master Class is the ideal training resource for professionals involved in or wishing to learn more about regulation of the communications sector, particularly those working for operators, regulators and telecommunications organisations. The course provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and models of regulation and examines topical regulatory issues. It also […]

£1710 – £1900

Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 2

HALF - DAY 2 Session 1 – Overview of Telecom Networks This session gives an introduction to the technical elements of fixed and mobile networks and looks at the methods and hardware used to deploy network infrastructure and the technologies used to deliver customer services. Analogue and digital basic principles The development & operation of […]


Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 3

HALF - DAY 3 Session 1 – Markets and Competition This session considers concepts of markets and competition as they relate to the fundamental tasks of economic regulation and underpin the work of the regulatory authority. This includes: The basic economics of markets Competition and efficiency Market power and monopoly Market failure, definition and assessment […]


Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 4

HALF - DAY 4 Session 1 – Licensing! Why License? Licence Procedures and Licence Fees Most countries regulate the telecoms sector through a licensing regime. Why? What are the main features of a licensing regime and how is it implemented? How are approaches to licensing changing as technologies and services develop? In this session, we […]


Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 5

HALF - DAY 5 Session 1 – Interconnection, Charges and Cost Modelling Interconnection is the key to competition. What are the key concepts behind interconnection? How are interconnection regimes established? At the heart of the interconnection debate is the issue of what one operator should charge for carrying the calls of another operator. Central to […]

Regulatory Virtual Facilitated TRMC Day 6

HALF - DAY 6 Session 1 – Spectrum Management Management of the radio spectrum is undergoing huge policy change in most countries. More than ever, markets and price are being used to determine allocation. This session looks at history to establish a benchmark in command and control. It then introduces the various change mechanisms such […]

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