Cenerva to the rescue: Mobile number portability flopped big time in Bangladesh

Sad to read of the media furore publicly criticising the Bangladesh mobile number portability service and the BTRC. The issues that have been reported suggest that the original implementation programme run by the operators was very poorly executed. It is a great shame the public credibility of the Bangladesh mobile number portability service and the BTRC are being [...]

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Imagine the Covid19 pandemic hit in 2005, not 2020 – broadband Internet is a basic human right

Developed economies are counting their blessings it did not. Developing countries’ Leaders and ICT Ministers must think and act NOW about the unconnected 4B in Broadband/Internet darkness, who are yet to get to 2005 I had a side conversation with one of my sons over the last weekend who in passing wondered aloud – “imagine [...]

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The 5G Covid-19 Quackery

I have been hearing this Covid-19 - 5G misinformation all week now. I wrote this as it appears to be “spreading” exponentially. It was a “rant” at one of my WhatsApp fora with some “Pastors” in it. Here was the essence of my rant .... This 5G-corona virus is beyond conspiratorial nonsense which is typically [...]

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Cenerva helps implement UK mobile switching changes

Since 1st July 2019, mobile users in the UK have been able to switch providers, obtain information, or cancel their service, using a simple SMS message. The new SMS switching service, sometimes called “auto-switch”, was mandated by the UK regulator, Ofcom, and implemented by industry through a coordinated programme managed by Cenerva. Partner, Chris Taylor, [...]

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Cenerva at MWC Barcelona 25-28 Feb 2019

Since acquiring the highly-respected ICC TRMC regulatory training business in 2018, Cenerva has proudly continued its 20-year legacy of delivering training courses for regulatory specialists from service providers and the public sector, from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. We are now pleased to announce the updated and expanded 2019 ICC TRMC training programme. [...]

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Cenerva Leads the Way for Regulation Education Following Telecom Regulatory Master Classes Success

London, 8 August 2018: Following excellent feedback for its Telecoms Regulatory Master Classes (TRMCs), international telecoms consultancy Cenerva Ltd has revealed its plans to expand and grow its education programme for both operators and regulators. This expansion for Cenerva, which has clients in more than 50 countries, follows the acquisition of the Interconnect Communications (ICC) [...]

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Cenerva acquires ICC TRMC training assets from InterConnect Communications Ltd.

International telecoms consultancy Cenerva announces global training deal to tackle regulatory issues in emerging markets London, 1 May 2018. Cenerva Ltd, an international telecoms consultancy with clients in over 50 countries, has acquired the Interconnect Communications (ICC) Training/TRMC (Telecoms Regulatory Master Class) assets from InterConnect Communications Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Telcordia Technologies Inc.) [...]

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Cenerva launches innovative Flexi Support service

Communications consultancy Cenerva today launched its innovative Flexi Support regulatory/ policy service The dynamic global ICT landscape creates an increasingly broad range of mission critical regulatory challenges for the ICT industry. Policy-makers and business leaders are under intense pressure to keep pace. Cenerva can help. Through its global network of over 150 regulatory, technical and [...]

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Cenerva publishes OTTs report

Communications consultancy Cenerva today published its report on Over The Top (OTT) services. The growth of OTTs in this decade has been spectacular. Consumers all over the World use communications services like WhatsApp and Skype, and stream or download movies and TV programmes from Netflix and Amazon every day. This growth has far reaching consequences: [...]

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Cenerva at MWC, Barcelona, 26th Feb to 1st March 2018

With over 15 years of consulting experience, Laurasia Associates and Atlantic TM have merged to form an exciting new ICT regulatory and policy practice, Cenerva. (cenerva.com). Through our highly experienced leadership team and global associate base of over 150 experts, Cenerva brings best practice regulation to emerging markets, including: OTT/ IoT, Cyber Regulation, Competition & [...]

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