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On 30 June, Cenerva Limited, in partnership with Research ICT Solutions (RIS) and The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), was pleased to host a Webinar on the compelling report Over The Top Applications & the Internet Value Chain to discuss how COVID-19 has underlined the critical role that OTT applications play in our lives.

Prof. H Sama Nwana
Prof. H Sama NwanaHost
Managing Partner, Cenerva Ltd.
Dr. Christoph Stork
Dr. Christoph StorkHost
Telecommunications expert specialising in applied innovative solutions
Dr. Martin Koyabe
Dr. Martin KoyabePanellist
Head of technical support and consultancy at CTO
Debra-Derieux Matos
Debra-Derieux MatosModerator
Training solutions and digital content consultant at Cenerva

Joint Authors Prof H. Nwana, Dr Christoph Stork & Dr Martin Koyabe discussed the key research and report findings, including dispelling myths about OTTs and the key lessons identified for the effective regulation of OTTs.

The report debunked OTT myths using case studies from several countries and an analysis of OTTs within the context of the Internet Value Chain.

Intervening in any way with OTTs requires a clear acknowledgement and fundamental understanding of the reality of the encroached Internet value chain into telecoms and a detailed assessment of the potential impacts and unintended consequences that an intervention may have.

We are pleased to offer the full report for free download – 'Over The Top Applications & the Internet Value Chain'

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