Having last week announced the results of the main stage of its ‘Multi-Band Spectrum Award’, Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has now confirmed that the ‘Assignment Round’ of the sale process has also concluded.

Issuing an update on the spectrum auction, ComReg revealed that on 19 December it completed the Assignment Round in which specific frequency assignments for each band and the additional prices to be paid by bidders were determined. Notably, just two companies agreed to pay extra for their assignments, with Vodafone Ireland, which was the biggest bidder in the main stage of the auction, again committing the most to secure a preferred frequency allocation – it will pay an additional EUR183,664 (USD194,893). Meanwhile, Three Ireland was the only other company which will pay more for specific frequencies, though its charge is significantly lower than Vodafone Ireland’s, at just EUR100.

ComReg meanwhile notes that, with the completion of the Assignment Round, the ‘Negotiation Phase’ is now underway and will run until 11 January 2023; in this stage of the sale process companies which secured spectrum have an opportunity to negotiate a reorganisation of the frequency assignments. Should bidders not submit a request for an alternative configuration of frequency assignments, ComReg will rely on the ‘Provisional Assignment Plan’ which has been set out following the Assignment Round. Beyond that, once the Negotiation Phase concluded, ComReg has said it intends to issue a further Information Notice with the Final Assignment Plan.

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