T-Mobile US locked down a deal to provide Delta Air Lines with a range of connectivity services, including the installation of a 5G hybrid network at the airline’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The companies stated the airline aims to use the network to improve operations across nearly every airport activity, from check-in and boarding to departure, arrival and baggage handling.

The 5G hybrid network from the operator’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions portfolio will provide coverage indoors and outdoors across Delta’s headquarters, including hangars and technical operations, to strengthen operational efficiency and improve customer service.

The operator launched its 5G Advanced Network Solutions services two years ago. In addition to 5G hybrid networks, it also includes public and private 5G options for customers.

T-Mobile stated Delta’s flight attendants, airport customer service agents and ground crews will use the network for above-wing and below-wing activities such as pre-flight and post-flight procedures, aircraft servicing, catering, baggage handling and maintenance.

Once the network is in place, the airline’s pilots will have improved access to existing digital tools and resources globally, such as electronic flight bags containing weather information and dispatch services, according to the operator. 

The financial details and length of the contract were not disclosed.

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