A fusão entre a Vodafone e a Three UK: A Regulatory Perspective from H Sama Nwana - a Case of "Indigestion" for the Regulators

Vodafone’s claims in its recent attempt to convince regulators of the transformational potential of their proposed merger with Three that it would result in a concerted push towards 5G, but the reality, as viewed from a regulatory standpoint, may not be as straightforward as the optimistic surveys and economic models from the protagonists suggest.This is [...]

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Leilão Spectrum sobe mais de R14 mil milhões na África do Sul

ICASA Appointed Cenerva to Advise on Licensing for International Mobile Telecommunications Spectrum Cenerva was appointed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to advise on the licensing process for the assignment of high demand spectrum. This is also known as the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) spectrum. This was a landmark event, not [...]

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