Ericsson and Ooredoo Qatar have signed a five-year extension of their 5G partnership to increase collaboration on radio access network (RAN) products and services. Under the renewed contract, Ericsson says it will deliver cutting-edge 5G RAN solutions and services that enable faster data speeds, allowing Ooredoo to explore new 5G use cases and connectivity opportunities, to leverage the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and explore emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning (ML) for optimising network performance and user experience. Ericsson will also continue supplying indoor small cell solutions based on the Ericsson Radio Dot System.

Ericsson will enhance Ooredoo Qatar’s 5G network with the introduction of additional spectrum including mmWave; using Ericsson’s extended range software, mmWave will support ‘exceptional speeds over multi-kilometre distances’, the Swedish vendor’s press release stated. Leveraging advanced technologies and intelligent algorithms, Ooredoo will also make use of Ericsson Network IQ Statistics (ENIQ), working together with Ericsson Network Management (ENM), to gain comprehensive insights into network performance, traffic patterns, congestion hotspots, and incident detection in real-time, leading to better resource management and overall enhancement to customer experience.

As the need for IoT continues to grow, Ericsson and Ooredoo Qatar will collaborate on implementing optimised RAN deployments such as improved coverage and capacity, efficient power consumption, network slicing capabilities, and robust security measures, allowing the cellco to handle various IoT applications ‘seamlessly’ across its network, the release added. As part of the five-year contract, Ericsson will also provide support and maintenance services.

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