Data Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations Training

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You Will Learn

The course provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and models of data privacy, protection and security.

It covers regulations, laws and technologies. Taught by experienced data practitioners this TRMC is ideal for anyone involved in data security and privacy regulations and technologies.

The Data Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulations TRMC covers the following main areas:

  • Data protection, data regulations & privacy
  • The General Data Protection Regulation
  • Cybersecurity, cyber-threats & web/wireless security
  • Issues of cybersecurity
  • Why security and privacy technologies
  • National security concerns
  • National cybersecurity strategies
  • Data protection for third countries
data security and cybersecurity

Who Should Attend

The Master Classes are of particular interest to a range of professionals working with data security and cybersecurity regulations including:

  • Senior staff working for regulatory authorities or government departments responsible for communications and media policy
  • Business or regulatory affairs managers working in the sector
  • Lawyers and consultants working in governmental or commercial fields
  • Representatives from funding agencies supporting sector development

Delegates on these Master Classes will benefit from the first-hand experiences of senior industry decision makers.

Upcoming Courses

June 2023


Dates: 12 – 16 June
Bath, UK

£3,100 per delegate, including lunches and gala dinner (excluding taxes and accommodation)

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Data Security, Cybersecurity and
Privacy Regulations TRMC Course Outline

Day 1 – Residential | Day 1 – Virtual
– Why Data Protection, Data Regulations & Privacy: The Telecoms, Media & Technology (TMT) Sector in Rapid Transition due to the Internet Value Chain
– Data Management: Why it is Important & Data Protection & Privacy & Laws Across the World
Day 1 – Residential | Day 2 – Virtual
– The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Cross Border Applicability & World Comparisons
– Case Study
Day 2 – Residential | Day 3 – Virtual
– Meta’s (FB) Approach to Privacy, International Best Practice on Data Privacy, Data Sovereignty/Localisation and Privacy
– GDPR Case Study
Day 2 – Residential | Day 4 – Virtual
– Cybersecurity Threats, Why Controlling and Regulating Them is Difficult, and What Can Be and is Being Done?
– The Rise and Rise of Cyber Crimes & National Security Concerns
Day 3 – Residential | Day 5 – Virtual
– Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cyber Threats Web/Wireless Security: Disruption, Distortion & Deterioration
– Establishing a National Cybersecurity Policy
– Spam (and SMS Spam)
Day 4 – Residential | Day 6 – Virtual
– Issues of Cybersecurity (the NIS Directive), Regulation on Non-personal Data & Regulators
– Case Studies
Day 4 – Residential | Day 7 – Virtual
– AI
– Blockchain
Day 5 – Residential | Day 8 – Virtual
– Break Out Rooms
– Concluding Session – Next Steps & Data Protection Authorities

Course Trainers

Prof H Sama Nwana
Prof H Sama Nwana
Prof. H Sama Nwana, known as H, is a founding partner of Cenerva. H was Group Head of Spectrum at Ofcom, where he led the 2013 auction of UK 4G mobile licences, raising £2.34bn. Prior to this, he was Managing Director at Arqiva Ltd – and even prior Managing Director at Quadriga Ltd. Previously he was multiple award-winning Senior Manager at British Telecommunications. He has M&A experience, working with Venture Capital, Private Equity and Govt shareholders. His recent work has focused on digital transformation in Africa and ASEAN, where he has led digital sector reviews. He was also CEO of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance.
Dr Martin Koyabe
Dr Martin Koyabe
Senior Project Manager | Lead GFCE-AUC Coordination at Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) where Martin is leading coordination and collaboration between the GFCE and African Union Commission (AUC) in developing Cyber capacity and capability building in Africa. Previously Martin was the head of research and consultancy at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO). Martin has over 15 years experience in ICT innovation, research and development.
Graham Butler
Graham Butler
President & Chief Executive Officer Bitek International Inc. Founder of Bitek International Inc., Graham has over 33 years of international experience in virtually all aspects of telecommunications services and product arenas, including co-founder and Executive Vice President of @IPBell (latterly Cascadent Communications) one of the world’s first commercial (b2b) Global VoIP networks backed by Cisco & HP. Graham is a highly sought after and internationally renowned speaker and lecturer to various global agencies on such topics as VoIP fraud & lawful intercept prevention & planning. Bitek International is member of the Global Cybersecurity agenda High level experts group for the ITU (International Telecoms Union).

“The course is exceptional! I learnt a lot and I think it should be attended by all those involved in communications regulation.”

2021 delegate, Nigeria

The course explained the nuances of the subject that simply hadn’t been explained elsewhere. The depth and detail of the course has catapulted my understanding to another level and it will benefit my career immeasurably. Thank you Cenerva!

2020 delegate, Myanmar

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