Master the Essentials of Number Portability

Improve your telecommunication knowledge with exclusive training on Number Portability from industry experts

The Numbering TRMC provides an unparalleled dive into Number Portability, specifically for regulatory and industry professionals. Led by world experts on numbering, this course is essential for those looking to enhance their strategic and operational frameworks within the telecommunications sector.

This TRMC will:

  • Equip professionals with a thorough understanding of the global and regional statuses of Number Portability (NP), focusing on practical applications tailored to specific regional demands
  • Offer insights into the crucial elements and processes of NP, enabling participants to adeptly manage and execute NP within their markets
  • Share best practices and navigate regulatory, technical, and commercial considerations involved in NP
  • Foster a learning environment for participants to network with peers and glean knowledge from seasoned experts in the field
  • Provide a strategic framework for assessing, planning, and optimising NP services, directly relevant to the participants’ work contexts

Quién debe asistir

This course is designed for telecom regulators, policymakers, industry operators, legal advisors, and technical staff who are involved in or interested in the intricacies of number portability and its implications.

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TBC 2024


Dates:  2024 TBC

£3,100 per delegate, including lunches and gala dinner (excluding taxes and accommodation)

Additional residential package available, which includes five nights accommodation (Sunday to Thursday), breakfast and dinner for £750 at Hilton DoubleTree

Numbering TRMC Outline

Artículo Presentador
Day 1   
Introduction Steve Day

Session 1: Number Portability Overview

  • Understand global NP status
  • Status of NP across Africa
  • Key elements of NP processes
  • Different approaches to NP
  • NP considerations and issues
  • Market and operator pre-requisites for NP
James Wild

Session 2: Number Portability Overview (cont)

  • Impact of NP on market, consumers and stakeholders
  • NP best practices – customer experience
  • Costs of NP
  • The NP journey
  • Regulatory considerations/framework
  • Role of the regulator
  • Establishing an effective implementation framework
James Wild
Day 2   

Session 3: Regulatory Detailed

  • Business rules: responsibilities of operators, clearinghouse and regulator
  • Consumer and inter-operator codes and contracts
  • Porting and transit charging approaches
  • Data protection and law enforcement authority considerations

Session 4: Regulatory Considerations

  • Porting & transit charging approaches
  • MNP alignment and dependencies with SIM registration
  • Cross-stakeholder implementation management
  • Post launch regulatory considerations
  • Ensuring appropriate NP behaviours and performance

Day 3


Session 5: Technical/Operations Considerations

  • Routing approach, specification and implementation of changes
  • Routing testing
  • Porting process and interworking with central clearinghouse

Session 6: Technical/Operations Considerations (cont)

  • Implementation of porting systems into operator business systems/processes
  • End-to-end testing and launch readiness preparations
  • Impact on MNP of eSIM
Day 4  

Session 7: Commercial/Process Detailed

  • Think African customer
  • Impact of NP process on customer experience
  • Balancing security against efficiency
  • Driving demand – key national/regional factors
  • NP cost modelling – consumer & inter-stakeholder

Session 8: Commercial/Process Detailed (cont)

  • Establishing effective consumer awareness and education around NP
  • Successful NP impact on public credibility of regulators
  • Different NP marketing approaches
  • Post-launch operational considerations
  • Future evolution of NP services and functions, including data portability

Day 5


Session 9: Number Portability Implementation

  • Simple central programme structures
  • Effective programme governance frameworks
  • Understanding team dynamics and building a collaborative programme environment
  • Identifying and addressing NP issues early

Session 10: Number Portability Implementation (cont)

  • Assessing stakeholder readiness
  • Driving the NP implementation journey
  • Optimising MNP efficiency post-launch
Review and Close  

Formadores del curso

James Wild
James Wild
James es socio fundador de Cenerva y un reconocido experto mundial en portabilidad numérica. Con 25 años de experiencia en diversos puestos de responsabilidad en el sector de las telecomunicaciones y en tareas de consultoría en más de 30 países, James aporta una amplia experiencia internacional a Cenerva.

Tiene experiencia en una serie de actividades de regulación de las telecomunicaciones, como la concesión de licencias, la gestión del espectro y el rango de números, la interconexión, la itinerancia, la ciberseguridad, el dinero móvil y sus consideraciones tecnológicas y medioambientales asociadas.

James Westby
James Westby
James Westby is an associate with Cenerva. With over 25 years’ experience in wholesale Telecoms, working for BT, Orange and CK Hutchison, James brings a wealth of knowledge in the heavily regulated area of Wholesale, being responsible for interconnection and regulation of termination rates; international roaming and compliance to EU regulation; numbering strategy; mobile number portability policy and implementation; and compliance on access to short codes, including emergency calling.
Steve Day
Steve Day
Steve is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Measurement & Control with over 35 years of experience in the Process Industries working at a senior level for companies such as Emerson, Siemens, and Honeywell. Steve provides his leadership experience to facilitate the delivery of the TRMC programme for Cenerva.

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