LIVE FROM MWL UNWRAPPED: Telenor Group SVP network and cloud Terje Jensen highlighted the business impact from private networks went beyond provision of the connectivity, with the architecture opening an opportunity to sell other services.

During the keynote session, Jensen pointed to potential supply of wider connectivity alongside other enterprise-focused products to private network customers, including security and operational services.

“We see this as a growth opportunity to address enterprise needs.”

He cited collaboration with customers and third parties as central elements to success in this ecosystem, noting the importance of working with enterprises on their requirements for infrastructure and define expected use cases.

Another key relationship is with the hyperscale companies, which Jensen described as a collaboration rather than a rivalry.

“I don’t think as operators we should try and compete with hyperscalers, it would be very hard,” he said, adding by collaborating with these and other players they are able to “make the pie much bigger”.

“A number of the enterprises have a preference for which kind of hyperscale environment they want because they have people working in those environments, for example they have applications already running [supported by them],” he added.

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