Sharing Global Expertise in Mobile Number Portability

Malawi’s mobile number portability (MNP) plans highlight key learnings for other nations The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority’s (MACRA) approach to the introduction of mobile number portability in the local market provides a positive example for other nations considering their own MNP implementations. As MNP is already available to over half of the global population, [...]

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Mobile number portability (MNP) was implemented in Malaysia in 2008, enabling customers to switch mobile service providers while keeping their existing phone number. MNP increased competition and service levels among operators, as they had to work harder to retain customers who now had the freedom to change providers if they were not satisfied with their [...]

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馬來西亞電信市場以其強勁的經濟基本面為基礎,擁有蓬勃發展的移動市場,擁有四大網路運營商,以及一家佔主導地位的固定線路供應商。 2020年12月,馬來西亞通信和多媒體委員會(MCMC)就固定號碼可攜性(FNP)在馬來西亞的實施發佈了公眾諮詢。 本次公眾諮詢的結果現已公佈。

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可悲的是,媒體憤怒地公開批評孟加拉國手機號碼可攜性和BTRC。 所報告的問題表明,運營商最初實施的執行方案執行得很差。 孟加拉國手機號碼可攜性服務和BTRC的公信力因媒體推動的不同利益相關者之間的公眾內訌而受到損害,這真是太可惜了。

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Since 1st July 2019, mobile users in the UK have been able to switch providers, obtain information, or cancel their service, using a simple SMS message. The new SMS switching service, sometimes called “auto-switch”, was mandated by the UK regulator, Ofcom, and implemented by industry through a coordinated programme managed by Cenerva. Partner, Chris Taylor, [...]

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Customers of mobile communication service in Papua New Guinea will be able to retain their mobile numbers when switching to other network operators of their choice. This will be realised when the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) concludes the process of introducing mobile number portability in the country. NICTA Chief Executive Officer Charles [...]

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