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We help organisations around the world to build and develop effective regulatory skills

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Governments, telecommunications regulators, operators and digital service providers are all facing complex regulatory issues.

Cenerva is a specialist training-driven, ICT regulatory policy consultancy that helps clients world-wide to address the challenges of today’s digital economy.

By working with us you get to leverage our expertise and global regulatory experience. We have already helped governments, telecommunications regulators, operators and digital service providers around the world to successfully navigate these complex regulatory issues.

We train telecommunications regulation through our renowned Telecom Regulatory Master Classes (TRMCs), delivered in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa, and now available online.

Our courses are designed for those who need to understand how their country’s telecommunications, media and technology regulations work, and learn from global best practice, in order to make informed decisions about their organisation’s future strategy.


The Cenerva ICC Telecommunications Regulatory Master Classes provide a comprehensive understanding of key issues in the world of communications.

Regulators and operators face new challenges every day as market change is driven by technological innovation and shifts in consumer demand. Our courses prepare you to meet these challenges.


As a specialist regulatory policy consultancy, we help clients world-wide address the challenges of today’s digital economy.

We leverage our expertise and global consulting experience to help governments, telecommunications regulators, operators and digital service providers worldwide to successfully navigate complex regulatory issues and challenges.

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Our aim is to help organisations around the world to build and develop effective regulatory skills.

We are a specialist regulatory and policy consultancy practice with years of expertise providing advisory and training services.

Below are some of the key areas in which our experts share their knowledge and help clients to implement effective regulation.

Digital Platform and Services Regulation

We provide thought leadership on the regulation of digital services, including OTT communications services and platforms, having advised governments, operators and tech companies.

Number Portability/ Consumer Switching

Cenerva’s consultants are world leaders in improving and optimising consumer switching services having successfully designed and delivered national switching programmes for telecoms and energy services in over 40 countries.

Spectrum Management

Cenerva has not only worked with prominent sector regulators and mobile operators on spectrum strategies, roadmaps, valuations and auctions in emerging and advanced markets, but its consultants have also led spectrum policy for governments in advanced markets.


The expansion and adoption of e-SIM is radically challenging and disrupting market competition and dynamics across the world. Cenerva has developed a unique insight into the wide-ranging impact of e-SIM on national market regulation, policy and regulated resources. We advise regulators and operators on meeting the regulatory and competition challenges and opportunities posed by e-SIM.

Consumer Service & Device Regulation

SIM registration in many markets has failed. We have developed unique insight and expertise on making SIM registration valuable to all stakeholders as well as optimising the alignment to national device regulation. Cenerva advises regulators and operators on optimising SIM registration and device monitoring regulations and services to both safeguard national and consumer security and generate highly useful usage information.

Cenerva RE-SULT (Regulatory Consulting Service)

You can use our regulatory consulting support either on-demand, specific project, interim or long-term basis, making this highly flexible and cost-effective. You’ll gain access to our global network of 150+ regulatory, technical, strategy, economics and legal experts, meaning we can support you with bespoke expert advice and support on all regulatory and policy matters and topics, either remotely or on site.

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