Cenerva and University of Strathclyde Partner to Offer MSc in Communications, Technology Policy & Strategy

Cenerva and University of Strathclyde, a world-renowned academic institution, announce a new partnership to offer an MSc in Communications, Technology Policy & Strategy. This cutting-edge programme will equip students with the practical knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the dynamic and evolving telecoms sector. Designed for regulatory professionals who are prepared to [...]

New Technologies, New Rules: What Will Happen Next?

Are you leading your industry into a digital transformation or being left behind? The world needs regulation fit for the digital age. To foster competitive, secure, inclusive and ethical digital economies, we need to provide adequate rules for our technology. Regulation of the telecoms sector will need to drive radical changes to adapt to the rapidly changing national and global ICT landscape to maintain a level playing field for all players in this new era.

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Increase Your Knowledge as a Leader in the Telecoms Industry

The world of telecommunications, media and technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. As an executive in the Telecoms, Media & Technology sector or with an interest in such matters, it’s essential that you have up-to-date knowledge. Regulators and operators are faced with new challenges every day as market changes are driven by technological innovation and shifts in consumer demand.

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Webinar Video – Cenerva Regulatory TRMC Review

As the communications sector continues to grow and diversify, regulators have been tasked with ensuring that operators comply with a complex set of laws and regulations. The regulatory environment is changing rapidly, which means that regulators need to adapt in order to keep pace. Our Regulatory Master Class provides delegates with an understanding of how regulation works in practice so they can ensure compliance and protect their business interests.

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Upcoming Training for July 2021 | Regulatory TRMC

The world is rapidly becoming a more connected place, and with this in mind we must remember that access to high quality ICT services is now considered a basic human right. Efficient regulation is essential to supporting this and makes it possible for people to enjoy richer lives and drives economic growth. Learn all you need to know with our regulatory training course for telecoms specialists.

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